The Beginning

This is the beginning to my journey after graduating. I graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s at the age of 27, quite late. I just worked my first 2 days at Information Systems Experts Inc. in Carmel, Indiana. I will be posting periodically about what is on my mind, mainly for myself to keep track of my life, and for anyone who stumbles across this blog.

On May 21, in Busan Korea, I got married to a beautiful woman named Won. Since I’ve met her in 2014, she has changed my life. She helped me see my life for what it really was, sort of like a reality check, and helped me to set goals and become a man. She is the reason why I graduated and got a real job, she is the reason why I have accomplished the things I have done so far. I am glad and thankful to have her by my side and to be able to return the favor for the rest of my life is a privilege I am happy to have.

I find myself at Barnes and Nobles on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I think this is the first time where I have nothing “due” on Monday and it feels PHENOMENAL. Right now, I don’t have a car (due to some tag complications with Lessy, my 1995 Lexus ES300) nor my own place so I came here by Lyft and plan to spend my whole afternoon here. While looking for things to do, I came across some useful certifications for IT management. I plan to obtain, among others:

  • Information technology infrastructure library
  • Certified scrum master
  • Six sigma green belt

Hopefully these certifications will give me a boost in my career. I hope to work for Tesla someday, I think it is a company worth working for.


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