WRKMBRPDM is the command i’ve been using since the first day of work. It means Work with Members using PDM. Yea, I don’t know what that means, and this sums up my first week at ISE. The RPG language is so different than what I learned in school. The syntax, commands, special rules and the lack of resources online makes this language the hardest language I’ve learned so far. I have been working on a project for a week. It is suppose to take a experienced developer about 12 hours, and I am still working on it after 1 week. I mean I was told not to worry too much because the learning curve is “HUGE” but I find it disturbing that it’s THIS difficult for me. So much empty googling results and my co-workers are trying their best to help me out but they are busy with their own assignments and meeting deadlines, I feel bad asking them. I think I’ve come pretty far, clearing SEV 30 errors and now working on clearing SEV 20 errors. This is a very long learning process, and I hope I can look back at this one day and laugh at how much I worried for something so simple and easy. Some tell me after working 2 years, they feel like they only scratched the surface, so we’ll see!


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