Decisions Decisions…

Lessie is without a tag, is not registered in Indiana yet. I don’t know how car inspections work in Indiana. Usually, if it doesn’t pass inspection, I have to get everything fixed, then register it. If it costs more than $600 to pass inspection, I think I am better off getting another car (SAAB YESSSSS). Thanks to my parents who handed over the Malibu to us, Won has a car now, so I just need to sort this mess out!

Today is the day before 4th of July. Only 1 other person was is at work, and I am feeling very lazy. Ironically, my co-worker only has the key and he wants to leave early, so I guess I have no choice but to leave early…how unfortunate!! Sometimes, things just work out!

Edit: oh, and some of the wedding pictures came out, sweet~ my wife is so beautiful.


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