Baby on the way!

Good news!!! I’m gonna be a DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s scary. I still feel like I’m 18…I have no idea how I am suppose to be a responsible and respectable dad. Won is having a very difficult time these days. She can’t eat right, always feeling nauseous. I think she is losing some crazy weight, I am worried. I am also worried about her diet. First of all, There are so many different opinions about what is good and bad for a pregnant woman. I am trying to feed her a natural diet as much as possible, also got her some Folic Acid pills. She is mostly craving Korean food which is hard to find in Indiana…I wish there was H-Mart for goodness sake!!

Between work and taking care of her is a challenge but it’s one that I am more than happy to take on. I just hope her and the baby will be safe and healthy.

We are also getting very close to purchasing a house. Expected closing date is August 24th. The seller agreed to most of our requests which is nice of them. The 14 year old roof and HVAC worries me the most, especially when we sell the house later on. But nonetheless, the house is beautiful and well beyond what we thought we could afford (thanks Indiana housing costs!)


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